Point 18- Point 18. How my video is going to attract my perfect audience members

My music video shall attract my perfectly  perfect audience member because

  1. the song itself is really interesting and catchy
  2. the setting is of india and various cultures and festivals are included which makes it colourful so everyone would want to watch it
  3. people after drinking or while driving will hear it the lyrics are quite catchy and related to it
  4. Good use of location and actors
  5. cinematography on point.

“Hym for The Weekend”


Point17- Perfect Audience Member

My perfect Audience Member-

  1. (16-40) Men,(16-32) Female.
  2. Listening to hiphop,rap and EDM song
  3. Wearing hoodies,jumpers,bracelets,trainers,scarf etc
  4. Eating burgers,pasta and drinking beer along with non alcoholic drinks.

Point16- Audience Research

Target Audience Research:


I decided to use the website www.surveymonkey.com in order to create a survey to distribute to a variety of demographics in order to conclude which niche market our music video would appeal most to, we planned to do this by creating the survey then with the use of social networks distribute the survey in order to get as many answers as possible which would make it a much more reliable set of results.



Distributing the Survey:

Firstly  I used the social network sites, Twitter [1] and Facebook [2] to distribute my survey. With having many ‘followers’ on Twitter that are able to view my profile it would increase the potential people who could answer this survey. Likewise, on Facebook I have friends of all ages that could fill out the survey which will hopefully provide answers of different age groups and preferences in terms of music videos.
download.pngdownload (1).png

 The Survey






Point14- Storyboard

We were assigned to create a storybord of our own choice of any song for 1 min,I took a printout of the template from the media blog and started working on it.I have chosen my final song track which is”Hym For The Weekend” for 14 point.This task helped me a lot in many ways like

  1. The Shoot order(What has to come when)
  2. clear understanding of what i am shooting and where does it stand
  3. Sketching each and every shot made me more understand my work and how it has to be accurate,the drawing doesn’t matter much until you are able to understand what job has to be carried out when u go out to shoot.


What Does It Look Like?



Hym For The Weekend”

Point13- Investigation of Colour palettes


What are colour palettes?

A color palette, in the digital world, refers to the full range of colors that can be displayed on a device screen or other interface, or in some cases, a collection of colors and tools for use in paint and illustration program.



Color can affect us emotionally, psychologically and even physically, often without us becoming aware. Color in film can build harmony or tension within a scene, or bring attention to a key themes. When telling a story, colors can…

  1. Elicit psychological reactions with the audience
  2. Draw focus to significant details
  3. Set the tone of the movie
  4. Represent character traits and more
  5. Show changes or arcs in the story
  6. Character’s journey
  7. Communicates film’s ideas.

As filmmakers, we must choose our film palette carefully to maximize emotional and visceral effect.


The importance of colour to my film-


  1. It shall help my audience be more attracted to the film as it makes the film attractive.
  2. If the balance between the colours are carried out well it can give my film the perfect cut and edge its looking for.
  3. It shall depict the mood and whats being done on screen my changing colour for various scenes like-
  • fight-red
  • environment-green etc.

Psychology of Colour in my film-